Cancellations and refund

Cancellation of not processed orders

The Customer using the online system forms an order for the sewing patterns and forwards it to the Company. The Company automatically confirms the receipt by giving the order a unique identification number, and sends an invoice and a confirmation to the e-mail stated in the order. The Customer using the personal account may change or cancel his order before it is processed. The Customer singly performs all the operations with his order created in the personal account system. The Company’s staff doesn’t accept and process any requests, changes or cancellations made by telephone, fax, e-mail or in any other way except through the personal account system.

Processed orders

Due to the nature of the product a customized sewing pattern cannot be returned after purchase and the service is considered provided once your order is processed by our staff.

The pattern is provided 'as is'. We always aim at providing the tip top service and will send you most complete instructions so that your garment turns out excellent. Please remember that the actual fitting of a clothes sewed depends on the material chosen and sewer skills, and cannot be considered a reason for refund.

In case the Customer has any complaints while using the Services he should state his complaint in written form, attach relevant documents and forward them to the Company. Within 10 days the Company will either indemnify the Customer for losses or give a reasoned refusal. In any case the amount of losses subject to compensation by the Company can’t exceed 100% full price of the items that were purchased but not used by the Customer.


According to the rules of international payment systems, the money can only be returned to the same card from which the payment was made.