Lekala sewing patterns are produced with the help of a proprietary innovative software.

Our company specializes in developing software for retail and fashion industry and has been in the business since 1989. Our staff uses proprietary software to process orders for individual sewing patterns.
The leading product of the company is Sewist CAD software, available for FREE online at www.Sewist.com.

The online shop was opened in August 2012 with the aim of making professional sewing patterns to the wide public.

In 2017, a new sewing pattern making software was born and patented in Switzerland. The new product was named Sewist and enabled hobbyists and sewing businesses to create custom sewing patterns online for personal sizes. The Sewist CAD software is FREE to use. All orders for sewing patterns by Sewist Online Designer are made and sold by Sewist GmbH in Geneva, Switzerland. They are tested by experienced pattern designers and are emailed to the clients once they pass quality control. You may join the fun at Sewist.com.

Sewist GmbH
1217 Meyrin, Geneva
+41 76 413 5755

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