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5565 Wool-jacket

Name 5565 Wool-jacket
Status finished
Started Oct 14, 2020
Completed Nov 21, 2020
Progress 100 %
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Notes The knitted fabric is 70% wool and the orange part is scuba. There is a windproof fabric between the main fabric and the lining so the jacket is also suitable for outdoor use.

The final result is different from the original pattern. When made according to the pattern, the jacket became too short in my opinion so I didn't put a belt on it - so far.
I also added elbow pads to the jacket so that the woolen fabric would not break.

The mouth of the sleeve would have been really wide compared to the vest part of the jacket. So I sewed pleats into it in the same style as on the shoulder. Admittedly, I made the shoulder folds as fake folds. Because the jacket is so short I didn’t put a fake pocket at all on side but added a chest pocket to the wool part. And there are, of course, hidden pockets on the lining.

It may be that I add a belt to the hem if I find a suitable buckle.
I was also thinking of making some kind of belt bag or something nice because there was a little bit of fabric left.

Users Comments

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Thank you Maria. And all of you, I appreciate your feedback.

  • Maria

    This is a masterpiece, particularly your immaculate topstitching on the tucks and the way you have inserted the zippers. A really bright and distinctive jacket, you should feel really good wearing this!

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Big thanks désirée. Wonderful feedback.

  • désirée boutault

    C estvrai que cette réalisation est parfaite et les details ajoutés dessus donne une valeur à l ouvrage
    bravo à vous

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Thank you Michele. It's nice to hear everyone's comments.

  • Michele Pretorius

    Such neat work. You did a wonderful job of this!

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Thank you Bodil.

  • Bodil

    you have sewn a very beautiful jacket

  • Newenka

    You are free not to make certain parts. I also make changes when I don't like something and letting your imagination run wild often gives a better result than the original (certainly in this case).

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Thank you Newenka,
    I was wondering for the first couple of weeks how to put those original decorations on the front. Leaving the side pockets out, I decided not to even try to put them on. :)