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New project

Name New project
Status finished
Started Sep 7, 2022
Completed Sep 11, 2022
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes I added a sleeve and changed the back. Shortened the length. Very satisfied with the result

Users Comments

  • Joan On Main

    awesome - great with the steps - well done

  • Ирина Чуйкова

    Все очень аккуратно и красиво! Поздравляю с отличной вещью! Вы как всегда на высоте!

  • chibama_berlin

    You did a great job on the stripes! I think it's not easy to hit every strip so precisely. Very cool and chic dress - congratulations!

  • Guta

    thank you very much ladies

  • KiraTF

    thank you xoxo

  • Lisa1984

    This is so beautiful! You used the fabric to your advantage!

  • désirée boutault

    tres belle robe avec ces jeux de rayures exactement ce qu'il fallait comme choix de tissu BRAVO

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Very ladylike.

  • Guta

    I used suit fabric, not very thick but heavy and a bit stretchy. I added a photo of the fabric

  • KiraTF

    Oh Gita it looks so wonderful on you!Amazing modest dress.And yet still very chic!!!What fabric did you use?And how heavy is your fabric?