Lidia's White Jeans

Name Lidia's White Jeans
Status finished
Started Oct 23, 2021
Completed Oct 24, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes White, stretch, cotton drill.
Plastic zipper (so they can be soaked, because, white pants)
Vintage mother of pearl button.
Heavy, white, jeans thread top stitching.
Extra deep hem.

This pattern is lush. I did fit them and removed several cm's from the centre back seam and centre back yoke and then adjusted the waistband accordingly. They would have been wearable but a bit baggy without that alteration.
The legs were super long, even with a deep hem I shortened them 10cm.

We are both pleased as Punch with these.

I have posted modelled WIP shots but will take better ones as soon as she is home from work.

Users Comments

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Pharmgirl!
    I was surprised that they were not high waisted, I really thought they would be. I have some lush linen/flax to make myself a pair.

  • Pharmgirl

    Nicely done!! I've had my eye on this pattern, your work shows it well.

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Anne Marie, I have another pair cut and ready to sew.

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Jane, that is super helpful, I will keep that in mind.

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Maria!
    It was time I had a success with my girls, they are getting tricky to sew for...

  • Nicole Keller

    Thank you Guta, it was just a tweak but the fit is much nicer now.
    Спасибо, Гута, это была просто настройка, но теперь подгонка намного приятнее.

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is a perfect fit! The details are lovely.

  • Jane Riebe

    Nice job! The detail work looks very professional. It's not often we see pants on here. I need to make some for myself because I have a hard time finding pants that fit me right. You've inspired me. Two important measurements for getting pants to fit well are crotch depth and crotch length. These are not measurements Lekala includes. To get crotch depth, you sit on a flat surface and measure the length from your waist to the top of the flat surface (done on your right or left side). To get crotch length, you measure from your natural waist line in the front and take the measuring tape down around through your crotch and up to your natural waist line at your back. It is recommended that you add an additional 1/2"-1" for ease to these measurements. Knowing these measurements and applying them to your pattern will give a perfect fit where you won't get a wedgy or conversely, have a saggy crotch.

  • Maria

    These are great, the fit looks excellent.
    Really good that Lidia is pleased with them!

  • Guta

    Хорошпя работа! после подгонки брюки лежат очень хорошо.