Individually commissioned sewing patterns
Lekala is different from other sewing pattern shops as there are no ready files waiting for being downloaded. Each order represents an individual request for customized pattern drafting service, and our specialists can only process an order once we receive individual size measurements. The patterns are made by experienced pattern designers using our proprietary software, and then they are sent to you by our staff. An order is typically processed within an hour, or in 1 working day at the latest. A copy of the pattern will be placed on our server for your future reference.

Etsy Shop
You may download pre-processed digital sewing patterns in our Etsy shop, SewistCAD.

Sewing instructions
All sewing instructions are available for download free of charge BEFORE the purchase. It is recommended to read the instructions before placing an order to make sure you are comfortable with them. Our specialists will be happy to help you if you face a particular problem when sewing, provide more explanations and diagrams, however we do not provide videos on the sewing process.

Sizes available
Please mention measurements in cm upon checkout (digits only, e.g. 2)

Formats available
PDF (Letter), PDF (Legal), big PDF (please mention the sheet width), big PLT (mention width)

Measurements required
You'll receive the pattern in your custom size. Please mention • height • bust girth • chest girth (under bust) • waist girth • hip girth in inches or cm at the checkout or e-mail them to us. Patterns can't be processed without these.

Pattern kit
With each order, the buyer will receive: a photo or a drawing of a garment, technical drawing, list of details and accessories, recommendations on fabric, step-by-step instructions, 3d model, printable pattern in real-size.

Note on seam allowances
Seam allowances are minimal and intended for industry standards. An independent fashion designer may prefer to order pattern without allowances and add custom ones.

Pattern delivery
Pattern comes on several pages. You may need to cut out the parts and glue them together for cutting. The pattern will be emailed to you within 24 hours. No paper printouts will be mailed. The listings are for file download only.

Delivering sewing patterns

Sewing pattern drafting service

The sewing patterns are processed by our staff according to the industry standards and the unique technologies of custom pattern making developed over the years. This allows you to obtain a sewing pattern that was designed specifically for your body type and that was verified by experienced designers. These sewing patterns fit better than those from any magazine or digital sewing patterns in standard sizes, as we take into account your height and your individual size measurements.

  • Our website lets you form a detailed request for pattern drafting service, by mentioning the ease and the style elements of the future garment. Our staff processes your order based on these order details, and your preferences on the format and the pattern blocks layout.
  • Our pattern designers receive your request and develop an individual report of the size measurements that are corresponding to the size you have submitted.
  • They then develop a custom sewing pattern for the garment you have selected, by drafting individual sewing pattern blocks according to your size measurements, preparing an economical layout of these individual sewing pattern blocks, and making a digital copy of the sewing pattern in your selected printing format.
  • The pattern is sent to you by our staff at the email address that you mentioned when placing your order (please note our working hours). A copy of the sewing pattern is uploaded onto our server and is made accessible to you for future reference.
  • Any change of the garment style, the individual size, the sewing pattern details, or the printing format constitutes a NEW order and should be processed and paid for separately.

Free Previews of Sewing Patterns

The free previews of the sewing patterns are processed automatically. This means that our staff is not monitoring these orders and is not executing manual control of these files.

The format of these files is not the same as a full sewing pattern. The preview of a sewing pattern will not include texts, darts, marks, seam allowances, and the suggested layout of the sewing pattern pieces for printing. The files cannot be used for printing out and sewing garments, but they do allow to understand the general look of the future sewing pattern.

If you believe that some specific adaptation should be made, our specialists will be happy to adapt your sewing pattern once you place a paid order for the sewing pattern drafting service, by changing the shape of the pattern blocks, adding specific pattern blocks, modifying instructions, taking into account the specific combination of size measurements, etc.