Striped summer pants

Name Striped summer pants
Status frogged
Started Aug 1, 2021
Progress 40 %
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Notes Update: I have not managed to make the pockets symmetriCal and the elastic pulled the Waistband to the back that opened the pockets up and I tried making pockets smaller flatter but then I have ended up with too small hip ease an I got angry and put the whole thing into the garbage

Fabric : polyester viscose : i have big pieces of this fabric from an old pregnancy dress, that should be enough to make a wearable toile for this pattern.
I do not find that the elastic band is enough to put the pants through on my waist: due to difference in circumstances between my waist and hips. I therefore need to make also a zipper closure, that will make this project a little les straight forward than I wanted it to be…

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