Gauze summer top

Naam Gauze summer top
Status afgerond
Gestart 18 feb. 2021
Afgerond 22 feb. 2021
Voortgang 100 %
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Notities Fabric: simple layer cotton gauze fabric, very fragile. If not underlined, it doesn’t support stress on shoulder and back part. I therefore chose a design that is almost sleeveless, no pulling.
I use 1,5 cm wide fusible nude interfacing where seams will be, to avoid fabric damage if stress on the seams. Staystitching .
As this is transparent fabric I will use serger to finish seams and serger +fold back at hem. Same I did for armholes and neckline because the fabric would not handle anything else
I had to take in 7 centimeters on each side from waist and hip, it was looking like pregnancy clothes... and still....

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