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Jersey top

Name Jersey top
Status finished
Started Dec 29, 2020
Completed Jan 3, 2021
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Notes I will use a slinky elastic viscose jersey fabric,
As it has stretch in all directions I am not convinced that cutting on the bias is necessary for this pattern, but it is my first time making this pattern so I will see how it goes and follow directions .
Alterations: I will change the placement of gathering: will place it to the waist rather than bust because I find that more flattering in general. I lengthened the sleeves because I am always cold.

Pattern: while it is said to be a pattern suited for stretchy fabric, it is way too large everywhere! I had to take in 5 cms of the width of the sleeves to have something at least close to the arm, and 2x7 centimeters from the sides! My fabric is a 4 way stretch but still it is way too big. Of course I omitted the zipper, needless to say.
I have some trouble constructing it because there is no instructions and if you do it in a wrong order it is impossible to put it together. There is a very specific order to follow to assemble pieces. I have troubles with finishing the neck band part as well, perhaps I will have to do by hand but in a way that it remains stretchy... I am not convinced I make this again...

Users Comments

  • JdT

    Thank you ladies for being so supportive in hard sewing times. It happens to all of us I suppose

  • Newenka

    This problem is familiar to me. With pattern 2190 I also had to get rid of a lot of fabric because my fabric is also 4-way stretch. I think if we had taken a thicker fabric we would not have had these problems, but I think it would have turned out to be a nice blouse.

  • Maria

    This looks an excellent fit - impossible to guess that you had all this trouble with the construction!
    A lovely top.