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New project

Name New project
Status finished
Started Dec 4, 2020
Completed Feb 1, 2021
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Changed the front darts into vertical ones, taken across to the side seam to insert pockets.
The fabric is a woven 100% wool, fully interfaced and lined with a polyester satin, trimmed with leather.
The hood is VERY large, not sure how this will work out when wearing this coat....

This worked out well, the hood is massive, but looks good with the front edge turned back. I am pleased with the nice deep pockets I added, the dart manipulation allowed the leather trim to be inserted into the vertical dart - so that the thickness of the leather could be kept to a minimum.

This coat has kept me snug during the cold weather!

Users Comments

  • Maria

    I plan to convert the darts into longer curved darts from the waist and add welt pockets into this. Hopefully this will work!