Orange and lemon apron

Name Orange and lemon apron
Status finished
Started Nov 25, 2020
Completed Nov 27, 2020
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Notes Making this from an old curtain, lovely fabric with a print of oranges and lemons. I will fully line this (I can be a messy cook!) but will not be adding the frills at the shoulders, I think these look rather silly.

There are no instructions, I am a bit confused as to how best to construct this. Unfortunately Lekala have not responded to my request for advice - so I will see how it turns out!

Trying to work out how to make this so that the back stays in place at the waist. My first attempt was to add belt carriers to the back waistband, to thread the ties through. This worked, but was not very good. I plan to remove the ties and replace them with buttonhole tabs at each side of the back waistband, to button onto the front waistband (update - I have now done this and it is much better, so I have increased the happiness rating to a smiley face). This will keep it in place and be more practical to use. I have added a photo of this, 2 buttons at each side to give options for wearing with thinner/thicker clothing underneath.

Overall assessment of this pattern - a lot of work required, I was feeling that the end result did not justify this much time, but now the ties have been replaced by the button tabs this is a really good apron. I am pleased with it and now I have a solution to the construction it would be fairly quick to make again in the future.

Users Comments

  • Maria

    Thank you Mirja and Newenka, this is a new life for an old curtain!

  • Mirja Liehunen

    A practical idea for recycling. The apron became great. Protect your clothes when cooking.

  • Newenka

    Good solution with the loops and looks cozy!