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Name New project
Status finished
Started Nov 13, 2020
Completed Jan 14, 2021
Progress 100 %
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Notes Very impressed with the pattern drafting on this one, when I pinned the paper pattern together to work it out the shape looked really good.
Made from a green linen fabric, no stretch. Having previously worked out the construction by pinning up the paper pieces, this was very easy to assemble and quite quick to sew - although a bit of patience needed to ensure the front section seams were very accurate as these are a feature of this style.
I added a hem band to finish this off, the pattern length finished about 5cm above the knee so I wanted to add just a bit of length. No other modifications to the pattern.
This is a great fit, comfortable and a very practical style, I definitely plan to make this dress again.

Users Comments

  • LiaJo

    This pattern seems great, do you have any photos of your dress ?