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Magnolia top

Name Magnolia top
Status finished
Started Nov 9, 2020
Completed Nov 12, 2020
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Notes I wanted to try this pattern out with fabric I already have, to check on the construction and fit before buying new fabric. The (very stretchy) silky-feel jersey fabric has a large print of magnolias, I have had this for a few years and had no idea what to use it for. There was just over 1m, just enough to make a top in this style, although not enough to allow for any pattern matching and I had to cut the side sections on the cross grain.
Although the instructions were somewhat confusing (this is often the case, I sometimes find I need to use Google Translate on the Russian instructions to make sense of the English ones) this was simple to construct once I had worked it out. The instruction to "slash the seam allowance" refers to snipping at the marked notches to the seamline. Makes sense once you have worked it out!
The pattern states it is for a non-stretch fabric. I disagree with this, it would be too fitted to allow movement. Definitely needs a fabric with some stretch. Mine was very stretchy, so no zipper was needed. I have got some brown velvet, with a bit of stretch, to make up as a full length dress - just need to find some time!!!

Users Comments

  • Naomi

    Another lovely garment! Your sewing artistry inspires me to get back into it after stopping for a while. I really appreciate your full review and tips toward a successful project.

  • JdT

    Go for the velvet dress Maria , I would love to see that.
    Hands up if despite the lockdown you still sew evening wear even if you will not wear them :))) like me

  • Maria

    Thank you everyone - all these nice comments are appreciated!

  • sshelagh

    Nice! Thanks for the tip on fabric type.

  • Michele Pretorius

    You did a great job. I love the fabtic too

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Very beautiful. Thanks for the tip to translate from Russia to England.

  • thecatsmeow


  • Jane Riebe

    It looks great on you, Maria! Thanks for the tips on the fabric. As an English speaking person, I sometimes find it difficult to understand the instructions. It definitely helps to be a seasoned sewist. I would not recommend Lekala patterns for those who are not so skilled. I do find that often they call for a zipper, but a zipper isn't necessary. Also, if I'm not going to use a zipper, I prefer to place the back of a garment on the fold of the fabric so as not to have a seam in the back. I do like how Lekala patterns fit so perfectly.

  • Newenka

    This is beautiful Maria and it suits you very well. The fabric is also beautiful .... very chic!