Black dress with silk cuffs

Naam Black dress with silk cuffs
Status afgerond
Gestart 14 okt. 2020
Afgerond 19 okt. 2020
Voortgang 100 %
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Notities I made this dress once before but wanted to have another version.
This time I made a triple cuff (some scraps silk) to give it a bit more 'body' and used as a fabric a wool mix.

Gebruikers opmerkingen

  • Michele Pretorius

    Well done! It looks fabulous!

  • mirka v

    perfect idea. This looks really nice.

  • désirée boutault

    J adore le modèle et surtout le détails de finitions de manches qui est très stylé bravo

  • Maria

    This is lovely, your cuffs are beautiful - what a great idea!