"J" skirt

Name "J" skirt
Status finished
Started Apr 12, 2015
Completed Apr 15, 2015
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes 12/04/15 I don't have a printer so I traced the pattern onto greaseproof paper (used for baking!) It was a nightmare to get it stuck together,I ended up using sticky labels instead of tape.
I'm making my muslin out of a blue checked cotton that I bought super cheap.
I need to remember to note how much fabric I use for if/when I make another one.

Almost finished, everything is constructed and I've left the skirt to hang overnight before hemming.
I love the skirt and will certainly be making more.

Silly mistakes:
First I sewed two of the "j" shaped pieces the wrong way and couldn't work out what I had done wrong!
I cut a wide seam allowance but then ending up stitching my skirt with a 1/4" quilters seam *shakes head* next time I will do it right!

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