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Name New project
Status frogged
Started Sep 9, 2020
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes Good model, but the sleeves sit too tight over the upper arms.
Armhole is ok. it's sleeve it's wrong

Add seams/A4
Height: 163.00 cm
Bust: 108.00 cm
Underbust: 90.00 cm
Waist: 90.00 cm
Hip: 110.00 cm
Full hip: 113.00 cm

Users Comments

  • Bodil

    A big thank you to Tannie, who made me aware that I had put the sleeve in incorrectly. I have now sewn the sleeve in according to Tannie's instructions and it fits better but the sleeve is still too tight.

  • Jane

    Did you add your width arm width to the pattern? I'd keep fiddling, and also increase back width. The style suits you, but stick to a thinner fabric, I's not styled for anything thicker.

  • Bodil

    This is an experimental model which is made as a preparatory work to make the jacket in lambskin.

  • Catlady Tannie

    That's a shame, but maybe you can still take off your sleeves and make a waistcoat ?

  • Bodil

    Armhole is ok. it's sleeve it's wrong

  • désirée boutault

    Merci pour l'info