Silver & black

Name Silver & black
Status finished
Started Aug 20, 2020
Completed Aug 27, 2020
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes A simple pattern made in Satin with some stretch to the fabric, didnt need the zipper
Enjoy wearing it with a black bolero :)

Users Comments

  • Astrid Herrera

    Thank you all for your kind comments! :) I agree Jane, there are some pattern I’ve used that didn’t need a zipper, specially when using stretchy fabrics ;)

  • Jane Riebe

    I love your fabric choice for this project. I have found that Lekala calls for zippers and various closures where they're really not needed. Your dress turned out beautifully!

  • Michele Pretorius

    Great looking dress! Well done

  • Tannie

    Beautiful dress !

  • désirée boutault

    le résultat est superbe

  • Maria

    This looks lovely, good to know that the zipper was not needed.