Easy shirt pattern

Name Easy shirt pattern
Status finished
Started Jun 9, 2020
Completed Jun 11, 2020
Progress 100 %
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Notes 9th June. Started my "muslin" in a pure cotton fabric bought in Bali 30 years ago.

10th June Finished the shirt. I thought the flap was too low and unpicked it and sewed it a couple of inches higher up. Also I made the sleeves a bit longer and left off the cuffs. It has been a very quick and easy shirt to make and a PERFECT fit. So comfortable.

So... All motivated. I found some pure cotton daisy printed denim in the bottom of my sewing drawer and made that up too. I didn't bother sewing on the flap because the fabric said it all. I thought a completely plain style was best. I did, however, sew on the cuffs. This time I didn't lengthen the sleeves and I prefer it this way.

11th June Finished Mk 11. Again a perfect fit.

This is a brilliant pattern. Very easy to sew. Looks great and quite slimming too. This pattern is a keeper, to make over and over again. Next time I might try adding a front yoke. Maybe.

Photos to come

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