Autumn dress

Name Autumn dress
Status finished
Started Mar 9, 2020
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  • micha

    What a lovely dress! I love the flower border! Great job!

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    What a nice summer dress! I love fabric with a border like this one. The polka dot is a good choice for that pattern. Bravo!

  • Tannie

    Now that I have just realized what you are saying, i want to apologize for what I have said, but that has Lekala now been removed, but I have certainly not said anything about the clothes that you are making. You speak about some people at Lekala so there was someone else who said somethings about your clothes.We all do our best to make something beautifull.

  • Tannie

    I will make my excuses for what I have done.

  • Belbora

    So there are some very nasty users on the Lekala website. I received a very nasty message about my creations and have reported this to Lekala.

    I share my creations as I live in a rural area, have next to no real friends, was bullied out of my job, my entire staff were coerced into 'voluntary redundancy' and my mood has been low for some time.

    Sewing is therapeutic and I loved the contests. I have never coerced anyone into voting for me and found the accusations offensive.

    Sometimes I wonder how I am going to get through the day and find sewing therapeutic and the comments encouraged me to make something nicer next time.

    Gutted and very upset - life really is very difficult and not worth living at times