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Started Sep 20, 2019
Completed Nov 9, 2019
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Notes I've always wanted a kimono. Although this dress is not kimono, it is Cheongsam. The back does not sit perfectly. The problem did not appear on the fitting dummy. Tips? Thank you for your tips.

The back of the dress is now fixed. Maybe not according to all the rules. There was no seam allowance.

Users Comments

  • Sarah VA

    Amazing materials you've found! Very versatile for a ... Cheongsam :)
    I'm sorry to hear you made a dummy and then still ran into this problem! How frustrating!
    Did the fabric of the dummy stretch more?

    I now started ordering my patterns without seam allowance and then I add 2 cms (more fabric!) seam allowance. I love using flat felled seams but if an armhole is too tight or a seam doesn't run straight on my body I can still adjust it a fair bit.
    I also sometimes find I can estimate if something is sewn properly by putting the printed pattern on top, since the paper version has no seam allowance it should match the sewn piece.
    It did make me more confident while sewing :)

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Thanks for your help. The dress just doesn't seem to have enough seam allowance that could be expanded. If you allowed it, I tried a new half-curved seam above the dart at the back from hand to hand and then the bags would disappear.

  • Naomi

    When I wrote before, I meant to expand about 1 inch at the hip. The waist is fine. I look forward to seeing your next version!

  • Naomi

    Your construction looks great! I love the details at the neck.

    This fit problem is really common. To remedy the issue, shorten the pattern around the waist level 1-2 inches by folding or cutting the paper pattern at the waist. You might also try to expand the hip measure by about 1 inch and reorder. These adjustments will smooth the fabric and allow it to hang smooth.

  • Jaeckel Jaeckel

    It's very nice. This is not a kimono, it's a Cheongsam. Good idea, the brandebourg.

  • désirée boutault

    Tres jolie robe
    Je pense qu'il faut elargir un petit peu au niveau des hanches pour faire tomber la robe dans le dos

  • sshelagh

    Very nice. Looks like you need a sway back adjustment to get rid of the pooling of fabric. Or maybe raise the back fish eye darts an inch or so. I like your fastening fixtures.