Polka dot knit raglan top

Name Polka dot knit raglan top
Status finished
Started Nov 4, 2019
Progress 100 %
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Notes 1. Lekala sizing = perfect fit - even my narrow shoulders and short arms, very happy
2. Fabric = I used a knit with at least 35% stretch in both directions. I will try this pattern again with a less stretchy knit because the neck band stretched in my fabric, but I'm still going to wear it because IT FITS!
3. Directions = at only 4 pieces a novice should be able to breeze through this pattern. Because I used a sewing machine (no serger/interlock machine) I used a stretch stitch and then I used an overlock foot and trimmed the seams and overlocked to finish seams.
I allowed for a 2.5cm hem, but I used 5cm for the hem, my waist is really short, so I'm not missing that extra 2.5cm - and, I like the bulk of the hem (it's 2.5cm finished).
My only issue is the neckband stretched, so if I use a stretchy knit in the future I will use a knit fusible interfacing and I believe the neck band will sit better.
**the pattern prints as "LINEN TYPT TOP", but I'm not experienced enough to guage whether this is an accurate fabric recommendation.

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