Linen dress 4881

Name Linen dress 4881
Status finished
Started Aug 7, 2019
Completed Aug 18, 2019
Progress 100 %
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Notes Nice pattern however i made some changes. The collar was too high (7 cm) and floppy (even with interfacing), so I made it at 4 cm, and added a 2.5cm elastic for a better look.I also added sleeves, I used the sleeve from Lekala 4464 dress pattern.They fitted perfectly. I find the dress a bit short but as it is a summer dress I don't mind that much.

Users Comments

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is a lovely dress and the fit is perfect!

  • Julie JP

    Thank you Maria! I always prefer dresses with sleeves but the skirt/pocket and the collar won me on this one.

  • Maria

    Very nice dress, this colour really looks good on you.
    The short sleeves are effective too, probably an improvement on the sleeveless style!