Name Alexander
Status finished
Started Nov 30, 2018
Completed Feb 2, 2019
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes A lot of work ... about 100 hour ... but I'm very proud :-)

Users Comments

  • June de Hoedt

    Wow, simply stunning. So professionally made. Looks like a very expensive coat!

  • Petra Fisch

    Girls ... Thank you for all this nice compliments :-)

  • deimiane

    Love your coat, such a perfection! I'm inspired :)

  • flopinette BRAU

    Vraiment magnifique dans tous les détails bravo

  • Zeneva Kovic

    Beautiful work! Love your use of piping and the contrast in colour. Really gorgeous.

  • Maria

    Beautiful coat, with pockets too - much better than the original design, all coats need pockets!
    Well done, enjoy wearing your masterpiece!

  • Isabella

    Wunderschön - I love it!

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is PERFECTION! It is also a classic piece that you will enjoy wearing for many year. So, it is time well spent!

  • désirée boutault

    super beau
    bravo pour le temps passé cela valait la peine ;le résultat est superbe

  • Anne Londez

    Beautiful !