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Dress with interesting draped cowl collar

Name Dress with interesting draped cowl collar
Status finished
Started Sep 14, 2018
Completed Sep 30, 2018
Progress 100 %
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Notes I used a Tencel twill for this dress as it has good drape and that cowl needs a fabric with drape.
The pattern went together reasonably well. I did not interface the collar and the pattern does not say to use interfacing. The right collar may have benefited from a very light interfacing.
I found the way the collar is put together a bit unintuitive. I had to unpick it and sew it again.

I include 2 photos showing the wrong and the right way to sew the right and left collar pieces together. The white bits of paper mark the squiggle mark on the pattern and these need to be on the same seam-line of the fabric.

There is gathering on the left collar where it is attached to the right collar. I loosened that gather so that the neckline was not so low.

I didn't make the belt but I may yet.

Users Comments

  • sshelagh

    Hi Anne,
    It's hard for me to say how easy it would be to shorten the collar. I had quite a bit of trouble trying to work out how to do it as it is. But you might get away with tucking the bottom of the other side of the collar into a facing. Definitely a project for a muslin. I found that the gathered collar side creates a lot of fabric which needs to sit right to look good. Best wishes.

  • Anne Londez

    I love that. Do you think it would be possible to make the dress easily while stopping the right collar piece at the neckline? The longer piece wouldn't suit my large chest.

  • sshelagh

    Hi Jdt,
    The correct picture as you have guessed is the one with the white bits of paper on the same seam. So the collar has a sort of S shape rather than a C shape.

  • JdT

    This looks great! Thank you for the advice. Which pic is the right and which is the wrong way of putting collar together? The good one is when white pieces are on the same side?

  • sshelagh

    Thank you Anne-Marie. It also feels very nice on. I can recommend Tencel twill fabric as very comfortable.

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    The fit is perfect. Bravo!

  • sshelagh

    I was very nervous about this dress. It is a real departure for me for style and the first time for using Tencel. I know it is very similar to rayon which frays like crazy so I was thinking Tencel might be the same. It isn't thank goodness. And the style is definitely something I will wear.

    I did the usual Lekala adjustment of lowering the hip placement from 3 inches below the waist to 8 inches. But apart from that no other adjustments to the pattern and it does have a lovely fit.

  • Maria

    This looks great, what a fantastic fit. The fabric drapes really well.

  • désirée boutault

    modeel tres réussi
    cela vous va tres bien