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Started May 23, 2018
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Notes The v-neck on this pattern is VERY low, and it extends lower than the bust darts. The pattern instructions call for making a small loop to put the tie pieces into, which probably will keep the collar pieces more closed and cover the opening. I didn't make that loop and will wear this with a tank underneath. Also, I took off 3" in length! It is very long.

Users Comments

  • Tannie

    I love both blouses. I now also have this pattern and thank you for the good advice to pay attention!

  • kathysv

    Merci and thank you for the kind comments.
    Yes, I put in my actual measurements. The technical drawing doesn't show the very low V, it seems the collar pieces are supposed to cover it. I would simply caution anyone considering this pattern to check the neckline and the length of the overall garment before sewing so that they will avoid any unnecessary surprises.

  • désirée boutault

    tres joli résultat et le tissu contrastant rend tres bien

  • Maria

    I love the fabrics you have chosen, both of these are beautiful! The contrast achieved by layering this with a tank also looks good :)

    I agree with you that the v is very low (it doesn't look lower than the darts on the technical drawing, so this must be wrong!). Did you put in your actual height measurement? it sounds as though your pattern was sized for a much taller person, with the low neck and long length.