Kellerfaltenkleid mit breitem Bund

Name Kellerfaltenkleid mit breitem Bund
Status finished
Started Apr 14, 2018
Completed Apr 15, 2018
Progress 100 %
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Users Comments

  • chibama_berlin

    Hi Zdenka,
    thank you for your nice comment :-) Yes, I took the same amount of pleats on the skirt. I made the skirt exactly according to the sewing description.
    Best, Christine

  • Zdenka Mayerova

    This is lovely dress!! Did you keep the same amout of pleats on the skirt? It seems you have less then there is on the original pucture with the pattern. And I like it better your way :)

  • chibama_berlin

    Thank you! It is a woven, no-stretch fabric, similar like jacquard fabric, but a little bit more flexible. I think it is a blended fabric.

  • Nat

    So beautiful! Can you advice the fabric type? Knit or woven? Stretch? Thank you :)

  • chibama_berlin

    Thank you Anne-Marie, for your lovely compliment :-)

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is a very cute dress. I am sure it looks good on you!

  • chibama_berlin

    Thank you Désirée! These 2 fabrics I had left from other sewing projects and I'm happy that they harmonize so well :-)

  • désirée boutault

    J'aime beaucoup cette robe et le choix des 2 tissus