Oriental Style Work Dress

Naam Oriental Style Work Dress
Status afgerond
Gestart 24 feb. 2018
Afgerond 4 mrt. 2018
Voortgang 100 %
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Notities Beautiful design, I used Italian wool suiting fabric for shell and rayon for lining. I also used piping to outline the design features. Be warned, the skirt is extremely short, I added heaps of length to the hem.

Gebruikers opmerkingen

  • Artemisa Rojas

    Qué preciosura...

  • Zeneva Kovic

    Beautiful dress! Great piping work!

  • scoutmass

    Such a beautiful dress and detail. No time for cookies I see!

  • Maria

    Lovely dress, the piping is a really nice feature - a very professional looking finish. Definitely a garment to be proud of!

  • Tannie

    Beautiful dress with beautiful finish!

  • désirée boutault

    tres belle réalisation et tres beaux détails de finitions