Poncho Very Long Very Big

Name Poncho Very Long Very Big
Status finished
Started Feb 8, 2018
Completed Feb 9, 2018
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Notes The pattern given is not the poncho of the picture. The poncho is very big and very long. It is similar to the military poncho worn on top of bulky sweaters and coats. I am very disappointed because I wanted a short poncho like the picture.

If you are 6`5" maybe the poncho will be above your knee. My mannequin is 5`8" and the poncho is at her knee. I used almost 3 meters of fabric that was 112 cm wide.

The fabric is a dark purple /black/polyester/rayon/lycra print. I do like the pockets- a single welt- but that is all I like about this poncho. I am fortunate I did not use my fashion fabric. I will watch these patterns more closely from now on!!!

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