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Cersei Lannister coat

Name Cersei Lannister coat
Status finished
Started Dec 8, 2017
Completed Dec 8, 2017
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Notes I wanted a long plain black coat to wear to a Game of Thrones costume party at Halloween, and couldn't find quite the right pattern anywhere - until I saw this! I made the dress with one key alteration: a separating zipper up the front. Now it's a coat!

My fabric was horrible (curtain fabric) so I added a lining, as well as longer sleeves and a high collar to look more like Cersei's outfits in Season 7 of the show. A bit of bling sewn on the outside and I was good to go!

I really liked wearing this coat and I hope to make a dress with the pattern before summer is over, without a zip this time.

Users Comments

  • Jenny B

    Thank you! It was a hit at the costume party and I enjoyed pretending to be very powerful and mean, pulling a sour Cersei face whenever I remembered :-)

  • Nicole Keller

    Oh wow, I was wondering about this photo but what an awesome costume. Brilliant

  • Tannie

    Very well done and hope you have been very succesful at Haloween!