Wedding guest dress

Name Wedding guest dress
Status finished
Started Jan 5, 2018
Completed Jan 29, 2018
Progress 100 %
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Notes I have bought this wonderful damast-like jacquard fabric. I have chosen a basic pattern because the fabric is already very decorative. I have tried to find something with as few seems as possible, not having to break the fabric pattern too much.
I chose stretchy lining and I will apply embroidered lace to the lining hemline. Menthol green satin bias to finish. The wedding is in early June.
This pattern needs quite a lot of adjustments: upper part is too small , lower part is too loose.
I cut the back part of the skirt from one piece, and I raised the front inset.

Users Comments

  • TigerLilja

    Looks classy, and the raised front looks better!

  • Maria

    This is lovely, the dress looks much better with the raised front insert. Your finishing touch with the lining/trim makes this fitting for a special occasion - you are sure to feel really good wearing this!

  • désirée boutault

    hate de voir la suite