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Name Ballet
Status finished
Started Oct 23, 2017
Completed Oct 23, 2017
Progress 0 %
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Notes Very cute top, I added 1cm on the back seam because it was a little tight, other than that, perfect.
Beware, beginners : making a rolled hem on the flounces is very long and difficult... (Even with the dedicated presser feet). And I did not use biais for the front opening, but a facing.
For the fabric, as the flounce is quite large, I strongly recommend a light one. I used viscose.

Also, Lekala, why don't you make us print only half of the symmetric pieces? (Here, the front). It would take up less paper and would be faster to cut...

Users Comments

  • Ирина Чуйкова

    Очень красиво-и пошито хорошо и прекрасно смотрится на фигуре!


    Très bon choix de tissu et le coloris est parfait !

  • Tannie

    Cute blouse and you are very nice!

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Nice blouse!
    I totally agree: Half of the printing paper is garbage from the very beginning.