Bouclé Dress Monique

Name Bouclé Dress Monique
Status finished
Started Oct 21, 2017
Completed Oct 22, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes This sewing project wouldn’t have been possible without the lekala community :-) After I was so fascinated by a fabric that Monique had used for her dress #5963, she did not only sent me her fabric leftover, but included a half finished sewing project. As far as I understood this dress turned out as too small for her.

For luck I had just experienced a complete makeover of a jacket. So I took the chance to reconstruct a dress for me out of Monique’s material.

In the following pics you can see how the dress developed. The result is dedicated to the fabulous Monique. In case I should win the weekly contest I’ll donate the voucher to Monique :-) THANK YOU!!!

Users Comments

  • editadesena

    Sophisticated. I love it! Congratulations :)

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Thank you all for your nice feedback! Itvwas all just a matter of chance. Only the sleeve pattern is prefab from a Burda pattern I recently used for another dress.

  • Maria

    What a lovely dress! Your version is much nicer than the original one, did you draft your own sleeve, or use one from another pattern?

  • Diana Boon

    Love your dress, it looks like it's from an expensive store

  • JdT

    This is a wonderful dress. I have the pleasure to see this wonderful fabric again. Monique you are very generous.
    And i love the transformation: that collar and sleeves makes this dress pretty and elegant. Congratulations! You definitely get my vote

  • Nicole Keller

    Oh wow, as my girls would say, you nailed it!

  • sshelagh

    Very nice! Classic dress.

  • Astrid Herrera

    Very pretty and elegant, I love it! :)

  • désirée boutault

    tres belle réussite et bravo pour ce partage

  • Monique Rozendal

    Amazing!!! Well done Polly! You gave it a really different twist.