Rainbow tunic (aka Massive Rainbow Fail)

Name Rainbow tunic (aka Massive Rainbow Fail)
Status frogged
Started Oct 11, 2017
Progress 0 %
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Notes I thought this pattern looked like a fun and flattering little tunic that I could wear in warm weather. I set out to make it in rainbow striped chiffon that I had purchased by accident.

The construction is a pain in the butt. Bias binding forming a channel for elastic all around the neckline? Elasticated cuffs on the cap sleeves? Rolled hems? Bleugh. Trying to do these things on a very shifty and uncooperative chiffon did not end well for me.

I got as far as being able to try the tunic on, revealing that it fell well below my knees (even further than it looks in the drawing) and looked ridiculous, and then I binned it.

If I ever try this pattern again, it won't be in chiffon, I'll take off about half the length in the back, and I'll alter the bodice to gathers or darts to avoid that elastic in the neck. That might result in a garment I'd actually wear. This attempt certainly didn't!

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