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Hidden green wool automn jacket

Name Hidden green wool automn jacket
Status finished
Started Oct 12, 2017
Completed Nov 18, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes I have recently ordered this fantastic heavyweight fabric . It is a two faced fabric: grey bouclé wool and at the back it has a grass green polyester fabric looking a bit like neoprene.
So I am not going to line this jacket! Jeeee!!!
I know... I should have put the green side out, but I am afraid that the wool leaves plenty of white fiber on me while wearing it. I think i don't have the choice here
Update: wonderful fabric easy to sew easy to cut. My only concern is that it is very difficult to finish edges
Update : I have not finished the jacket and I have already broke 4 needles ! They were universal bernina needles,
Done! I am overall satisfied. The pattern was perfect, I made zero alterations! Unfortunately my zipper puckers, it might be the zipper quality. I chose plastic zipper to not to damage the bouclé fabric.

Users Comments

  • JdT

    Yes Maria, I wore it but I lost weight now I have to redo everything I have made from lekala. I order smaller size pattern unpick seems and recut all fabric pieces... very annoying. Perhaps when I redo this one I will Change the zipper to buttons or to different closure

  • Maria

    This is a lovely jacket, I hope that you got to wear it in the end?
    Very annoying with things like a puckering zipper!!

  • Melani

    Beautiful! That fabric is so interesting. I'd love to try it. Do you recall where you bought it?

  • pamyjo2001

    I love your fabric - nice job.

  • Tannie

    Has become a very nice coat. As far as the needles are concerned I use topstitching for my coat and there is not a broken one yet.