Complete Makeover

Name Complete Makeover
Status finished
Started Oct 3, 2017
Completed Oct 8, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes My very first lekala-project resulted in a nice jacket - but unfortunately much too big for me. I guess I was too much impressed by all the customizing options of Lekala patterns and didn't check the fitting during the sewing process.

After more than six months I was ready to restart the project: means to buy a new pattern in size 36 with very few customizing, open almost every seam of the project and resize most parts of the fabric and the whole lining.

As you can see in one of the pics, the main difference between the old and the new pattern is the front side part. The new one is much smaller and shorter. Corresponding, the new sleeves are much smaller and much more appropriate to my petite size.

The main issues in the makeover process were the buttonwholes. I didn't want to open the whole front part with the collar, but wanted to get rid off the 3rd buttonwhole which was now too close to the 2nd buttonwhole. After some trial and error I decided to applicate a decorative ribbon in horizontal line and cover the remaining two buttons with the same material. To my mind it's now even a more modern finish I would have never thought of without that pattern resizing detour.

My conclusion: Upcycling is a thrilling new challenge :-)

Fabric: Wool
Lining: Silk
Two fabric covered buttons

Users Comments

  • Wicck

    Nice job! I'm impressed at your skill.

  • Maria

    This is a jacket to be proud of, a great result from what would otherwise have been a wasted project - and a lot of useful things learnt in the process. I am sure that all the effort used, and the clever touches you have made, will ensure that you feel really good whenever you wear this jacket.
    Very well done!

  • pamyjo2001

    nice job and nice save.

  • désirée boutault

    tres jolie veste qui a du vous donner du fil a retordre bravo

  • Nicole Keller

    Well done. I admire your tenacity. I would have given it way and made another.

  • JdT

    Wow Petra it really seems like a lot of work. But it fits you so well and the project is very nice. The result is perfect ! I must tell you again that I love your work again

  • Natalja

    Auf dem Bild old sitzt Ärmel besser alles im new. Und nicht nur Ärmel.