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My brownie

Name My brownie
Status finished
Started Aug 14, 2017
Completed Sep 10, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes I use a medium weight natural and poliester mixture suiting fabric. Washable and does not wrinkle too much, perfect for a working dress. The color is brown or taupe.
I chose a chocolate brown silk to fully line it, and because it frays I have bought a satin bias tape for the inner seams where needed.
I have lengthened the dress 5 cms (personal preference) otherwise it seems to be ok.
If you sew silk make sure you choose the right needle ( unlike me) because it can damage the fabric.
I will upload more pictures soon

Users Comments

  • Tannie

    This dress is very good and is perfectly finished and sewn.
    My complements !

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Hi Judit, this dress is a true masterpiece! Super-precise details, classy fabric and a perfect fit. Congratulations!!

  • JdT

    Thank you Tannie I will keep you posted

  • Tannie

    Success with the dress. I have not made this pattern yet.