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Reversible reflective safety jacket

Name Reversible reflective safety jacket
Status finished
Started Jun 14, 2017
Completed Jun 14, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes I wanted a little jacket I could throw over my coat, for safety during daylight and at night when I'm walking or cycling. This is it!

The "day" side is high viz yellow and orange, with cute little silver sleeve caps. This is highly visible under natural daylight.

The "night" side is silver and yellow, with reflective piping and reflective sleeve caps. This is highly visible under car headlights, torches, and other forms of artificial light at night, but it still works during daylight too (it's often dark when I leave the house in the morning, but bright by the time I get to work).

I'm really pleased with the result, and wear it every day. It's big enough to fit over my winter coat without any problem, and it's small and flexible enough to shove into my handbag when I'm not wearing it (I didn't use any interfacing because I wanted to be able to scrunch it up).

Users Comments

  • sshelagh

    I must keep an eye out on ebay. I could use a reflective something or other as I walk home in the dark in winter.

  • Jenny B

    Thanks everybody! Shelagh, I got the reflective piping and fabric from Chinese sellers on eBay. I have never seen reflective fabric in my local shops, and the piping I've seen has been horribly expensive locally for what seems to be an identical product. The eBay seller shipped a 50 metre hank of piping for what I would have spent on 5 metres locally!

  • sshelagh

    Terrific idea. Great for visibility on the back of a motorbike too. Where do you get your reflective material. I have not noticed any in the fabric shops I haunt.

  • désirée boutault

    oui tres joli résultat

  • Maria

    What an excellent idea - and very well done!