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Emerald/Mint Dress

Name Emerald/Mint Dress
Status finished
Started Jun 1, 2017
Completed Jun 4, 2017
Progress 100 %
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Notes This pattern is lovely, not too difficult to sew, a bit short for me, so I added some lenght to the bottom.
The top part is made of a warm material I got from my grandma, the skirt is made of emerald velvet (non stretch). Tried making the pockets of a thiner fabric to prevent bulk in the front, but didn't like how they still made a little the end decided to eliminate the pockets, and only placed the decorative buttons. I'm happy with the outcome :)

Users Comments

  • Astrid Herrera

    Thank you Maria

  • Maria

    Lovely colour, the different textures also look effecitve - a nice way to use your fabric!

  • Astrid Herrera

    Thank you :) Many thanks Anne-Marie!

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is a very nice. It looks like two pieces, but with the confort of a dress! Well done Astrid!

  • Astrid Herrera

    Merci Désirée :)

  • Astrid Herrera

    Thank you so much Polly, thanks for the suggestion is a good idea! I was also thinking on finding a dark green necklace, have made a small velvet bow for my hair (can barely see it i the picture) ;)

  • désirée boutault

    tres joli résulat j'aime beaucoup les 2 verts

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Hi Astrid, what a nice colour match! I can imagine the issues with the front pockets - the pattern wouldn't work for me at all. Maybe you'd like to decorate the dress with a small dark green belt or a bow close to the neckline instead of the buttons? Just a suggestion...