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Chanel Jacket

Name Chanel Jacket
Status in progress
Started May 19, 2017
Completed Jun 11, 2017
Progress 80 %
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Notes Finally I'm satisfied with the result, but it was an unexpected long way to go. It started with too big arm wholes and too wide sleeves. Than I was disappointed with the braids I'd chosen. The fringes I made from bias cut fabric instead looked much better, but the suggested position on the front parts didn't please me. The turning point of the project came when I chose a simple one piece front part with two lines of fringes on the top half. Now I feel I can wear my Chanel-style jacket.

Fabric: Woven cotton/linen mix
Lining: Silk
Front Zipper

Users Comments

  • JdT

    Oh Polly you not only have talent and taste but a lot of patience. I know how hard is to try it so many times to have something looking like you imagined at the beginning. I like it very much. I hope you finish it soon

  • pamyjo2001


  • Maria

    Lovely result, the fringes seem to be in the right place!

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Dear Anne-Marie and hi Sya,
    thanks for your feedback! Motivation to get the project finished - just some more handstitching on fringes and seams and a lining to sew.

  • Anne-Marie Dionne

    This is awesome! Very "Coco Chanel", I love it!

  • sya

    You're right,it does look much better with the lower fringe lifted.

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Vielen Dank, Christine :-)

  • Pfaff262

    no i dont think, that the jacket see looks like old fashioned. I find it very classicand super.

  • rosafelsenstadt

    Hi Nicole, I'm experimenting with the sleeves of a Vogue and a Burda pattern. Let's see how it works...

  • Nicole Keller

    How is it going now?