Blouse in faux silk

Name Blouse in faux silk
Status finished
Started Aug 27, 2016
Completed Aug 28, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Notes Wonderful pattern!

Almost don't need the zip but I put it in just to make it easier to get on and off.

Strangley, the sleeves were a bit tight, I let out as much of the seam allowance that I could. I measured the pattern and the sleeve width is actually 1 centimetre smaller than the upper arm measurement I gave Lekala, which is a bit weird.

Used a "fake silk" from Spotlight which looks fabulous, but after trying on the top (wearing it for only a minute) it was fraying through the seams!! So disappointing!! I had already finished the top so I went back and interfaced all of the seams... I don't know if it will help but there's nothing else I can do. Lesson? Don't buy fabric that frays excessively.

(I am pretty happy with my pattern matching, though!)

Overall, awesome pattern, just don't waste your time with bad fabric!

Users Comments

  • Maria

    Good fabric tip - this is the problem with only 1cm seam allowance - not quite enough to construct felled seams for security with frayable fabrics. Very effective print on your version, I hope that your seam fix has worked so you get to wear this!