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Peplum blouse

Name Peplum blouse
Status finished
Started Jul 15, 2016
Completed Jul 18, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Notes This was made from less than 1m, about 75cm, of 135cm fabric (with a one way design) left over from another project. Not enough fabric to make the facings, so I lined the top completely. Face fabric was Liberty Tana Lawn (design - Landis, this has buildings within the design), lined with plain silk/cotton blend fabric.
I do not like asymmetry, so cut the 2 front peplum sections identically and altered the back peplum to fit. I may add a fastening to the peplum front, as this flaps open in wearing (particularly when I walk).

I am really pleased with the way that the print design gives a horizontal stripe effect on the collar. I am not pleased about forgetting to interface the front fastening section, which means the buttons/buttonholes are not very stable.

Users Comments

  • Catlady Tannie

    I now see this blouse with you and did not dare to take it because I thought that the bottom of the blouse would be very pleated. With you I see that it falls very nicely ..... have you kept the original pattern or made changes?

  • Jo Ann Anthony

    Maria, you deserve that wine, cuz all of you outfilts look soooooo great!!! HOOOYAAA!

  • sshelagh

    I like the way you have described likes and dislikes. I am thinking of making this blouse and those comments really help. I too like the way shawl collars interact with the pattern on the fabric.