Lekala Dress 4531

Name Lekala Dress 4531
Status finished
Started Jun 24, 2016
Completed Jun 25, 2016
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes UPDATE 06/30/2016 - I am happy to say Lekala finally responded to my email. I was given a coupon for a new pattern and now the dress pattern 4531 has been fixed - Thank you Lekala!!!

I am so disappointed with this pattern. There is something wrong with the back sleeve pattern piece. I have sent an email with my issue but have not received a response. I do not recommend buying this pattern.

Unfortunately I can no longer add photos to this site. I keep getting errors.

Users Comments

  • Naomi

    The dress looks beautiful! I love the color combo.

    For pictures, just try back later. I've had the same issue and it works off and on.

  • Maria

    I keep getting errors too - the only photos that will load are those taken on an ipad, even though the ones taken with a digital camera say they are the correct file format (and I have tried saving them as different file types, off the list given with the error message) they just keep giving the error and not loading. I emailed Lekala about this several months ago, but did not get a response. This has meant most of my projects do not have photographs :(

    Thank you for the useful comments on this pattern, I hope that you have managed to rectify your problem as these patterns normally achieve an excellent fit!