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Pink stretch blouse

Name Pink stretch blouse
Status finished
Started Jun 19, 2016
Completed Jun 26, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Notes The fit of this is quite close, which is good if a stretch fabric is used (but not if a non-stretch fabric is used - my lovely to look at, and comfortable to wear, first attempt was made from non-stretch cotton. This split up the back when I reached to pull on my shoes, which was not good!) The close fit in the body allows this to be tucked into trousers very smoothly, which is good for different wearing options. I find the fit of the sleeves particularly good. I did not like the way the collar came right to the end of the collar stand, this made the collar seem oversized and not sit quite right. For this reason I redrafted the collar for my pink shirt, setting in the edge of the collar and rounding off the collar stand. The neckline is rather wide, but I like this.
This version was made from a comfortable stretch cotton. I love this shirt and will make this pattern a lot, although always using stretch fabric, just in case!
Unfortunately the blouse is a little creased on the photographs, it did not actually look creased, but I had been wearing it for several hours when these were taken (and had been driving for 200 miles, so that accounts for the creasing).

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