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faux leather jacket

Name faux leather jacket
Status finished
Started Jun 5, 2016
Completed Aug 7, 2016
Progress 100 %
Privacy public
Notes My first attempt at making a jacket and I am really happy with it! I made a test jacket to check sizing, and work out how to assemble it. If this is your first jacket attempt I reccommend this. I widened the shoulders but everythis else was a good fit.

Users Comments

  • Tiffany Brandt

    I bought this pattern and cannot figure out the labeling of the pieces! Did you have any issues with this? Some of the names of pieces are not mentioned in the directions and vice versa. Yours looks wonderful; this gives me hope that I'm not wasting my time trying to figure out what the directions actually mean!

  • Nicole Keller

    I would love to see a modelled photo. Is this leather? It looks amazing.