grey jacket

Name grey jacket
Status finished
Started May 28, 2016
Completed Jun 9, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Notes The shoulders are much too wide, they are "hanging down". I think, I am going to change the pattern a little bit and try it ones more.

Users Comments

  • Noëlle Adam

    It is lovely ! I am in the process of making a test garment (no muslin at last). I think the shoulders are ok for à loose fit, I have small shoulder blade and slant shoudlers (there is no ajustement for dropped shoulders)
    For me the sleeves are way too short, I want them like you, mi-lower arm. I added 5 cm to the pattern but that is not enough,, if I fold the cuff they hit at the elbow.

  • Georgia S

    Your jacket is lovely but the this is how the shoulders are designed. I had the exact same issue with it.

  • Alice Tan

    Is this pattern to your exact measurements or just a general size?

  • Nicole Keller

    It looks really lovely, I like how you styled it.
    The pattern line drawings look wide so I guess it is meant to be.
    Does it feel odd or you just don't fancy it?