Black and white knit blouse

Name Black and white knit blouse
Status finished
Started Apr 7, 2016
Completed Apr 7, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Notes This is my 1st lekala sewing.

I am wearing my tee today to see how I feel in it. It seems to me that it shapes nicely on the bust and I like that but is very loose on the waist down and I think I don't like that very much. It is an interesting design that calls for creative color blocking and I am really tempted to do more just to mix and match fabrics.

I was surprised by the back darts. They are not common on knit patterns but I did them and they turned out OK. Is probably a nice touch. The side panels on the front are doing the bust shaping and that is a tricky attachment there. mine are not that bad but I think there is still space for improvement and there isn't any indication on how to do it better. I did a muslin 1st and the neck was quite high so I widened the neck all around ( maybe a bit to much !?! ) and added rib on all ends : neck, sleeve, hem.

Users Comments

  • Georgia S

    Thank you! That was my thought as well to try "lie" about some measurements to get a different fit but being my 1st lekala experience and no other review on the pattern so far I didn't know what to expect.

  • Jill Halchin

    Love the mix of fabrics. This looks comfortable, with character. I was thinking of trying this one, and your version has convinced me to do it. It's good to know about your changes - that helps me understand how the pattern is designed to fit. BTW, You can set up different custom sizes to force the system to slim down a pattern through the waist or whatever you want.