First try at dress with pleats #4399

Name First try at dress with pleats #4399
Status finished
Started Jan 5, 2016
Completed Jan 8, 2016
Progress 100 %
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Notes The dress fit without modifications!

It's a bit hard to see the pleats because of the print of the fabric. Without lots of pressing they do bulge out a bit. I suggest using fabric that holds pleats well - I think this suiting fabric is a bit too slippery and has a little too much drape. I think if really annoys you, you could sew them down...

I was expecting it to have less ease and be a little more fitted. I thought about taking some width out of the sides, but I left it as is - I think this is quite comfortable and being a summer work dress, it's nice to not be skin tight!

I'll make it again, but make the neckline a little wider and lower - I think that will be more flattering... Also will use a fabric that holds pleats a bit better so they're defined pleats and less like bumps of fabric!

I used 2.35m of fabric (1.45m wide). I also inserted the zip a bit low (grr!!), so I added a hook and eye.

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