Blouse with cowl neck in pink linen

Name Blouse with cowl neck in pink linen
Status finished
Started Dec 30, 2015
Completed Dec 31, 2015
Progress 100 %
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Notes Fit perfectly from my measurements, just omitted the zip (I can put it on without it!) and shortened the length, because I can't be bothered tucking it in.

I figured a better way to do the neck: like the waistband on Sewaholic's Thurlow pants. Sew the outside collar to the top, then fold the inside up and top stitch the inside of the collar, with all the seam allowances contained inside, for a really neat finish. I think the instructions are telling you to do this, but it's so vague I'm not really sure!

It took me about 5 hours start to finish!

Users Comments

  • Sydney

    Thank you for the in-progress pictures and great tips (in this and related posts)! So helpful and generous; I want to make it now. Very flattering and versatile top.