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Stripey jigsaw skirt

Name Stripey jigsaw skirt
Status finished
Started May 10, 2015
Completed May 14, 2015
Progress 100 %
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Notes This was such fun to make!

As you can see (or will be able to when I upload a photo later) I chose to use a stripey fabric cut as indicated by the grain direction arrows on the pattern - apart from the two small centre-bottom inset pieces, which, when cut as directed, were too close to the grain of a neighbouring piece. So I cut these on the straight-of-grain - one on the warp, the other on the weft.
I followed the order of construction of the front and back exactly, as it really was jigsaw of an assembly job; I used small pieces of masking tape to label each section so I knew which one it was. It all worked out beautifully.
Topstitching was a bit of a marathon job; fortunately the narrow stripes at differing angles disguise my many errors. The smooth curves, though, were really easy to manage.
After all that, the front and back went together beautifully and the skirt is fun to wear. I think a confident beginner could probably manage this, if they have decent control of a reasonably-good machine for all that topstitching

Really, it's just a bog-standard A-line skirt - with that interesting Lekala twist!

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