New project Color block blouse

Name New project Color block blouse
Status finished
Started Apr 2, 2024
Completed Apr 5, 2024
Progress 0 %
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Notes The instructions were poorly written. I have wanted this blouse for 2 years before I find this pattern.
The pieces did not seem to fit together well but I aligned the paper pattern before sewing. There are no pictures except front and back.

Users Comments

  • Lisa1984

    I'm not sure about those sleeves, they look huge! Not sure if I like them... Your end result came together nicely for sure!

  • Nicole Keller

    I love the huge sleeve!
    Thank you so much for showcasing this pattern.

  • scoutmass

    The sleeve is large because the designer of the pattern made it that way. When I make this blouse again I will correct all the flaws. Believe me there are a few more.

  • désirée boutault

    original la manche ne fait si large sur le dessin du modele

  • Mirja Liehunen

    Looks really nice.